Grace Community Church,

North Fork, California
A member of the United Church of Christ, Northern California Nevada Conference

Grace Community Church

Where persons of differing views may worship and grow together in Christian love



564442 Road 200
P.O. Box 193
North Fork, CA 93643

Office Phone:(559) 877 - 3944
Grace Hall: (559) 877 - 2812

 Welcome to Grace Community Church!

     Are you looking for a church with a positive perspective, that believes God has good news for your life?... a church that encourages you to think for yourself and to develop an honest and open faith? ... a church which puts a high priority on Christian education as a path which begins in childhood and continues lifelong? ... a church that seeks through the power of faith, action, and fellowship to be in service to our community and to the world? We hope that Grace Community Church, U.C.C. is such a church and that, God willing, you may join in fellowship with us as we try to walk the path of Christ together, for in God's grace all humankind have been created to dwell in community.

     We strongly uphold the worth and dignity of every individual and seek to serve persons of all races, creeds, national origins, sexual orientations, political viewpoints, and ethnic origins, regardless of their situation in life; for we believe that we are all a part of God's family, that we live by God's grace, and that we are cared for by God's love.

Church Service: Every Sunday at 10:30 am, followed by fellowship time in Grace Hall

Sunday School provided for ages 3 - 12

Adult Bible Study: schedule varies




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